It doesn't matter what you read. What matters is what you think while reading and after. K. Oxovuieu

Function vs Process

The Yin-Yang is a well-known concept in Chinese philosophy that represents the interdependence of opposite forces of nature. Ideally, these two forces will complement each other, building perfect harmony. Similar forces exist in business. When used in balance, these forces can bring perfect harmony to an organization.

Source code is a liability

Any software development company operates three major components: intellectual capital, software, and source code. Intellectual capital is a strategic asset that the company builds over time. This includes people, patents, white papers, etc. Intellectual capital requires investment but not much maintenance.

Requirements ad Verso

Long, long time ago there were people called programmers. These people used computers to write programs, and they used these programs to make the computer do what they wanted it to do. The software they developed was usually pretty good because programmers knew exactly what they wanted, they tested their programs themselves, and they already knew how to use it. There were other people called users. They also had computers but did not have time or skills to write their programs. So, they borrowed software from programmers and learned how to use it.


For the last twenty years, computers have changed our lives: They have connected us, flooded us with information, eliminated borders, and forever upgraded us to the digital lifestyle. Finally, it is time to say good buy and let go. Because muggles do not need PCs anymore—they never did.