Sergey Kucherov

Senior IT Executive

More than 30 years of progressive Information Technology experience building innovative products and services. My specialty is strategic IT Architecture, project management, and process re-engineering.

Passionate about game-changing business and technology innovations. Co‑founded several startup companies. Investor and consultant to a designers association business.

Committed to life-long learning, with a readiness to stretch beyond core competencies.

About Me

Most of my life I have spent helping people use computers to do things faster, better, and smarter. I think that informational technologies are not about just computers anymore. You can see the influence it has on psychology, economics, sociology, and even politics. My current research is focused on areas where big data and cloud computing can make our life better.

My Interests


Writing software requires knowledge, discipline, focus, and a clear vision of your goals. New languages make it easier to achieve fantastic results.


Enterprise architecture is shifting to cloud-native solutions and serverless computing. Staying abreast of the latest cloud offering is an imperative function of my profession.


The future of information technology relies on our ability to integrate information and data processing resources. Such technology does not exist yet, but the blockchain is a pattern that points in the right direction.


Since the world went digital photography became integrated into our life. It is amazing how fast the world is changing and how soon we get used to it.


A senior IT Executive and IT consultant with more than twenty years of progressive Information Technology experience and a solid background in management of software development systems integration and implementation projects.


  • Director - US Practice Lead Blockchain - CGI

    2018 - Present

    Leading the Blockchain / Intelligent Automation group of the Emerging Technologies Practice. Providing thought leadership for building innovative solutions for the financial and healthcare industry.

  • Senior Manager - Capgemini

    2017 - 2018

    Selected by management to provide architecture guidance and thought leadership for several clients IT initiatives. Served as a member of the client architecture governance team.

  • Chief Architect - Nielsen

    2008 - 2017

    Ownership of innovative architecture and software development for the Nielsen Buy platform, including the design and implementation of reusable enterprise services and tools.

  • Senior IT Architect - IBM

    2001 - 2008

    Exclusively selected to provide technical leadership to a systems engineering team, focused on complex engagement, combining package implementation, business process improvement, service-oriented architecture, and custom software development.

  • Principal Consultant - PriceWaterhouseCoopers

    1993 - 2000

    Managed software engineering and enterprise application integration projects in multiple high-profile consulting engagements.




Being a creator, inventor, and entrepreneur, I am interested in a challenging venture with open, innovative, reality-bending culture that has a clear vision and ambitious goals.

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