Sergey Kucherov

My profession is helping businesses do things faster, cheaper, and smarter. Having a long career in business consulting, I realized that Information Technologies are not just about computers anymore. They influence psychology, economics, sociology, and even politics. My current research focuses on areas where decentralized computing, Big Data, and AI can improve our lives.

My interests span science, philosophy, sociology, and economics. Studying history and examining current events through the lenses of information theory and data processing allows us to identify new patterns in society's development. I founded an innovative social project that uses the latest discoveries in information technology and offers attractive prospects for the near future.

I am passionate about game-changing business and technology innovations. I have co-founded several startup companies and am an investor and consultant to a designers' association business.

Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things. Isaac Newton

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Set Theory, Logic, and Programming

Russell's Paradox is a logical fallacy. It reveals the inaccuracy of the definitions provided by the original set theory. We can expose the error using a programming language, which is much better at encoding logical statements than mathematics.